Have you ever wanted an easy-to-read book that  reveals the truth in the Bible but is written in a way that is so interesting that it captures your attention so tightly that you just cannot stop reading?  Pilate's Point is that book!

Pilate's Point is not a typical book on Christianity.  You will find no syrupy Christian platitudes, no inspirational quotes and no warm and fuzzy from-the-pulpit messages on Christian living.  Instead, you will find a refreshing narration that reveals answers to your Bible questions in a way that will entice you  to keep reading!  You will discover many amazing truths that most Christians totally miss in weekly Sunday sermons. 

Bible Answers:  Pilate's Point is perfect for anyone who wants more than they get at a Sunday service. It delves deeply into the word of God and presents it to you it in a modern, non-denominational way that offers true, easy understanding.  

Who needs to read this book?

  1. The "Seeker" who is trying to understand God but who is confused by all of the man-made rules, traditions and doctrine that has muddied the waters of Christianity.
  2. Young College-Age Adults who are being mislead by agnostic university professors.  
  3. High School Students who are young in their faith and who are being pulled away from God by others.
  4. Parents who want to be able to answer questions and offer easy-to-understand explanations about God to their children.
  5. Any Christian who is looking to better understand God; who He is, what He wants from us and why we are all here in the first place.

Understanding the Bible:  Pilate's Point is a book on Christianity and the Bible that presents the Lord's Truth as it takes the reader on a captivating trip through history. Fun and intriguing at the same time, Biblical scripture and recorded history are combined in such a way that an image of mankind's time on earth comes forth in remarkable clarity. True Biblical understanding is achieved while the reader is held captive by their own fascination with what they are reading.  Bible questions have never been easier to research!

Have you ever wanted absolute proof that God exists? Are you seeking Bible answers about Christianity; questions that often act as barriers to faith? Do you want to truly understand what's in the Bible?  Pilate's Point is a captivating book that reveals the answers to:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why does God allow Satan to exist?
  • Why does God allow human pain and misery?
  • Is the god of other religions just our God by another name?
  • What really happens after you die?
  • Why does God allow evil to exist and evil men to prosper?
  • What is God's opinion on wealth, homosexuality, abortion, the death penalty and our welfare society?
  • Is there any real proof that the Bible is the actual word of God?
  • Cut all of the red tape; what must I really do to be saved?
  • Does a loving, merciful God really torture (by burning)  people in hell for all eternity?

                           432 pages - $14.95 (free shipping)   

Pilate's Point: A book on understanding the Bible - The Lord's Truth

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